Benefits of Buying Meat in Bulk

For busy families, buying meat in bulk from your local meat shop is a great idea. However, the buying and storage dilemmas are always a drawback. With a variety of cuts to choose from, keeping the meat in tiptop shape is a must. Thus, freezer burn and spoilage should be avoided.

What are the advantages of buying meat in bulk?

The most common reason why people buy meat in bulk is the lower cost compared to purchasing individual cuts from a meat shop. Buying in bulk that is lower in prices are of the same quality than the “fancier” meat cuts. Also, buying meat from local meat shops equates to giving support to more ethical practices by farms that practice humane and sustainable farming. However, keep in mind that there are still bulk meat suppliers that don't practice humane and sustainable farming; thus, it's important to ask these crucial questions to the meat shop proprietor to ensure that you are supporting the right practices and causes.

Another benefit of buying meat in bulk is the fact that you're supporting eating the whole animal and keeping its integrity. The individual cuts you see at supermarkets and grocery stores are usually just fractions from different cows, pigs, or lambs. Buying animal sides and shares is an excellent way to consume meat more sustainably.

Saving you time from doing your weekly meat shopping is another benefit of purchasing meat in bulk. Since your freezer will have already been filled with meats, you can allot your weekly grocery trips to buying vegetables, fruits, and other staples.

Will buying meat in bulk work for my family?

We understand that not all households have the same lifestyle and needs. And this can also be true when it comes to buying meat in bulk. Before you attempt to, ask yourself the following questions:

If you answered positively to the questions above, then buying meat in bulk would be beneficial for your family – both in saving money and time.

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