5 Reasons to Skip the Supermarket & Head to Your Local Butcher Instead

When it comes to purchasing meat for your family, you have two main options – your local butcher or a nearby supermarket. While many people are under the assumption that they can't afford to shop at a butcher, the fact is that it can be just as affordable! There are undoubtedly many benefits your local butcher can provide that you just won't find at the grocery store.

5 Advantages to Rather Go To a Butcher

1. Quality

Think about the meat section at your grocery store – shrink wrapped, pre-packaged and just laid out until someone decides to buy it. There is simply no comparison to the fresh, robust meat case you'll find at a butcher. When you purchase meat from a butcher, you are going to be getting fresher and higher quality meat that's often cut right in front of you. Raised ethically and free of hormones and antibiotics, you can feel good about the meat you're eating and feeding your family.

2. Selection

Because grocery stores need to carry multiple types of food, they often restrict the types and cuts of meat that they stock. Butchers, on the other hand, are able to provide a wide range of meat. If you're looking to try something new, a butcher shop is the place to go! You can find your standard cuts of meat along with specialty items like beef tongue, bone marrow or pork liver.

3. Advice

Interested in trying a specialty meat but not sure how to cook it? Unsure of what the best cut of steak is for your upcoming BBQ? No matter what your level of expertise is, your butcher can point you in the right direction. Cost would also fall under this category. Yes, meat from a butcher can sometimes be more expensive than its grocery store counterpart; however, a knowledgeable butcher will be able to suggest alternative cuts of meat that will save you money without sacrificing flavour. More so, when you consider the difference in quality, you're getting more bang for your buck.

4. Local Products

Shopping local is becoming more and more important to consumers. Local butchers often source their meat from surrounding or nearby areas. Shopping locally helps to boost the local economy, while also supporting responsibly sourced meat.

5. Excellent Customer Service

Buying local has other great benefits, like allowing you to build a relationship with your butcher. Smaller shops can have a tough time competing against large chains, so it's in your butcher's best interest to offer you top notch customer service. Whether it's a custom cut, cooking tips or a special order, your butcher will do whatever they can to make sure their meat is the best thing you've ever tasted!